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Our upcoming online training events are shown below:


Online Training Modules

1. CMA-010720 Introduction to Christian Mentoring   | 20th January 2024 


2. CMA-020820  The Role of the Mentor  |  20th January 2024


3. CMA-030820 Relevant Issues in Mentoring 20th January 2024


4. CMA-040820 The Process of Mentoring  |  20th January 2024


5. CMA-050820 The Mentoring Relationship  |  27th January 2024 


6. CMA-060820 Challenges in Mentoring  |  27th January 2024 


7. CMA-070820 The Mentoring Session  27th January 2024


8. CMA-080820 Evaluating the Mentoring Relationship  |  27th January 2024 

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