Christian Mentoring Association
Christian Mentoring Association

Welcome to the information site of the Christian Mentoring Association (CMA), and thank you for taking the time to find out more about who we are and what we do.

About CMA

The Christian Mentoring Association is a body that has been set up to raise the awareness and importance of mentoring within the Christian community, as well as promote and improve standards of mentoring practice, through training and support to Mentors, Mentees, Christian leaders and Christian Organisations.


The CMA is an independent organisation that has been set up to provide resources and support for:


  • Christian Mentors – Individuals or teams, who are already mentors or those who wish to become mentors;

  • Churches and Christian Organisations – Organisations that have existing formal or informal mentoring schemes, or those who wish to establish mentoring schemes;

  • Mentees – Individuals or groups who are involved in mentoring schemes or wish to participate in mentoring schemes.

The Role of the CMA

The Christian Mentoring Association was established with the aim of: promoting high standards of mentoring practice within the Christian community, creating a resource platform to help in achieving and improving the standards of mentoring practices, and providing an accountability environment for Mentors and Mentees.


Our role is to help in achieving these aims through:


Awareness – We raise awareness of the importance of spiritual mentors and mentoring practices, through the dissemination of information (print and social media), awareness day events and workshops.


Developing Capability – We provide training for new and existing mentors and we encourage and facilitate the Continuous Development of Christian mentors. We do this through workshops, conferences and the use of a wide range of other developmental materials and opportunities.


Support – We provide a platform where Christian mentors can get support for their role including access to supervision and peer mentoring. We also provide a platform for Mentees to interact with Mentors for continuous mentoring and training.


Community  – We provide opportunities for mentors to connect and network with other Christian mentors through various platforms and live events.


Set up – We provide training and support for churches and other Christian organizations to set up mentoring schemes and improve on existing practices.


Values – We promote values that underpin good Christian mentoring and encourage as well as guide members towards high standards of mentoring practice.


Connection – We provide a platform to connect those seeking mentoring with suitable schemes and mentors. 

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